8 Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’ve been to the Hospital Emergency Room, do I need to see a Chiropractor?

A: The Hospital Emergency Room and other types of emergency services make sure there are no life-threatening conditions and discharge you. Providers at Penny Injury Chiropractic understand car accident trauma and can provide the necessary diagnosis and treatment plan to help with the last effects and injuries sustained in the accident. Our office is dedicated to auto accident victims and utilizes specific forms of care designed for correcting structural damage.

Q: Can I see a Doctor of Chiropractic if I didn’t go to the Emergency Room or see my Doctor/Primary Care Physician?

A: Yes, you can visit a Doctor of Chiropractic without a referral. Call our office today to schedule a same-day appointment.

Q: Should I see an Attorney before I see my Chiropractor?

A: If you aren't already working with an attorney, call us and we can give you several recommendations for attorneys who manage car accident claims.

Q: What if my car sustained only minor damage?

A: Documented studies performed by car crash experts Arthur Croft, DC, Charles Carroll, MD, Paul McAtee, MD, and Lee Riley, MD, revealed that: “The amount of damage to the automobile bears little relation to the force applied to the cervical spine (neck) of the occupants.”

In other words, the damage to any of the occupants in the vehicle is not necessarily directly related to the amount of damage to the vehicle. That is why all auto accident injuries need to be immediately evaluated by a qualified physician.

Q: What if I need an MRI or to see an MD after you examine me?

A: Penny Injury Chiropractic is proud to work with many other kinds of physicians. If a patient is in need of, including but not limited to, an MRI, physical therapy, or pain management, we will refer them for the appropriate care.

Q: If I need chiropractic care, do I have to pay for it myself?

A: If you are not at fault in your auto accident, your care is typically covered with no out-of-pocket costs. Penny Injury Chiropractic will work with you and your attorney in obtaining the costs of your healthcare concerning your motor vehicle accident.

Q: The insurance company has been calling me and wants to settle, what should I do?

A: You and/or your vehicle may have sustained injuries/damage during your car accident and they need to be evaluated before you settle.

Q: My insurance adjuster said I shouldn’t need to go to the chiropractor because I was in a low-impact accident and there was hardly any damage to my car or the other car.

A: The amount of damage to your car has been scientifically proven to not be related to the amount of injury you sustained. Call Penny Injury Chiropractic to schedule a same-day appointment and find out the extent of your injuries.